Henry Cavill Vs. Sigourney Weaver: The New Trailer You Must Not Miss

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Henry Cavill may be the new "Man of Steel" but until that film comes out in 2013, he's still just an everyday mortal -- which is too bad considering he's about to be neck deep in some seriously heavy s**t courtesy of the one and only Sigourney Weaver.

And if that's not enough to whet your appetite, wait until you see how Bruce Willis figures into the new trailer for "The Cold Light of Day."

Here's the awesome: Cavill plays a guy whose family disappears during a European vacation. This one doesn't involve the Griswolds, though, but rather a mysterious briefcase and a whole pack of lies, starting with the fact that Cavill's dad (that's Willis) is actually a deadly CIA agent. Now Cavill has less than 24 hours to figure out the truth -- and if doesn't make the right decisions, Weaver is going to go full-on Ellen Ripley on his family.

So check it out, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies -- and see for yourself how even a regular guy can turn into Superman when his family is at stake: