Did SAG Wins For 'The Help' Change Your Oscar Predictions?

[caption id="attachment_107800" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Dreamworks"]Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis in "The Help"[/caption]

For a movie called "The Help," Tate Taylor's civil rights drama doesn't seem to need a hand cleaning up awards season this year.

Just last night, the movie took home three of the biggest prizes at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, including Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture and awards for Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer in the Lead and Supporting Actress categories.

The film is nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actress (Viola Davis) and Best Supporting Actress for both Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer, and some fans think that last night's big wins may be a prediction of the film's Oscar success.

MTV Movies Blog's Eric Ditzian said of the possible outcome, "Last night's big win for 'The Help' made me think, just for a second, that the Academy might reserve its highest honor for something that's not only a great movie, but one that more than six people have seen. Then I realized who we're talking about here. 'The Artist,' which was genetically engineered in an award-season super lab, will take home best picture. The SAGs haven't changed that reality.

"What I think the SAGs did show us is that Viola Davis won't lose Best Actress," he continued. "Though the Globes are a famously awful predictor of Oscar success, Davis' loss a few Sundays ago made me question whether or not she'd take the top acting prize. Not anymore. It's going to be another 'Fighter' situation, with two acting nods going to 'The Help,' a film that still won't nab Best Picture."

The Hollywood Reporter's Scott Feinberg concurred with Ditzian's notes, predicting, "Like the Academy, SAG really likes Streep... This year, however, SAG opted for Davis, for the same reasons that I believe the Academy will: all voters received screeners of both 'The Help' and 'The Iron Lady'; they clearly preferred 'The Help'... Based on the fact that [Octavia] Spencer has already managed to win the three principal Oscar-precursor awards -- the Critics' Choice Award, the Golden Globe Award, and now the SAG Award -- despite competing with Chastain in the same category, I'm inclined to believe that she will do the same at the Oscars."

Despite Feinberg's positive outlook for Davis and Spencer, he doesn't think the movie can take home the Oscar's top prize. "'The Help' is a deeply loved film... but so is 'The Artist,' which will almost certainly beat it in the best picture Oscar race."

Deadline's Pete Hammond noted that while "The Help" may be an audience favorite, the odds are stacked against the film. "With no directing, writing or editing (not to mention song, costumes, art direction where it also might have competed) the odds are very long that 'The Help' can use its impressive showing at SAG to propel it into a dogfight with frontrunner 'The Artist,'" writes Hammond. "No film since 1930′s 'Grand Hotel' has managed to win the Academy’s top prize without at least one directing, writing or editing nod and no film has won where its director wasn’t at least nominated for a DGA award."

Despite the expert opinions, fans took to Twitter and Facebook to weigh in on whether or not "The Help" can spin SAG success into Oscar gold:

"The Cast of #Thehelp!!!! Wooooo #sagawards I think they will get best picture at oscars too." @DramaTweetBrad

"I don't think it will change for Oscar – I still predict The Artist for best movie and Meryl Streep for best actress." - Liz Parker

"[The SAG winners] are my predictions! Except O. Spencer — love her but I'm predicting MelissaMcCarthy." – Sam Bates

"This might signify that we could expect a surprise on Oscar night." – Marce Escoto

"All the awards are different. Just because The Help won for the cast does not mean it will win for best picture." – Christina Hansen

Do you think "The Help" will dominate the Best Picture, Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress categories at the Oscars? Use the comments section to weigh in!