Denise Richards and More Placed in 'Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection'

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Hey, if it ain't broke… you know the rest.

And that's probably why Tyler Perry is gearing up for "Madea's Witness Protection" — the next installment in a franchise he writes, directs and stars in. (No, this isn't the flick with Kim Kardashian playing a marriage counselor… it's another one.)

Well, the auteur (can we call him that?) has named three of his next stars: Denise Richards, Eugene Levy and Romeo Miller.

Levy (whom you'll remember most vividly from "American Pie") will play a man who, after his investment company goes belly-up due to an investing scandal, is forced into witness protection with his family and relocated from a wealthy Connecticut neighborhood to Madea's home in the deep South. Fish out of water, anyone?

Richards will play Levy's (trophy) wife, whom we're guessing isn't enjoying her new digs too much. Complicating matters even further, Miller (best known as just Li'l Romeo or just Romeo) takes on the role of a man who believes Levy is responsible for his church's investments being wiped out and decides to take the law into his own hands.

Doris Roberts, Devan Leos, Tom Arnold and Danielle Campbell are also in the cast for the flick, which begins shooting next week in Hotlanta, The Hollywood Reporter reveals— so it shan't be too long before everybody's favorite ... er ... Madea ... is back on the big screen. Seeing Richards and Levy dig into some grits would only be a bonus.