'Frank or Francis' Adds Elizabeth and Pee-wee

[caption id="attachment_65255" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Elizabeth Banks[/caption]

We'll say this about writer/director Charlie Kaufman: The guy knows how to put together a cast.

You may recall that just a couple of days ago, we told you that Catherine Keener and Kate Winslet (more on her later) were joining Kaufman's latest project, "Frank or Francis." Well, that apparently wasn't enough excitement for one weekend, because The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Elizabeth Banks and Paul "Pee-wee Herman" Reubens have also just signed on to the film.

And they're just the latest additions to a star-studded lineup topped off by Steve Carell and Jack Black, who respectively play a big time Hollywood director and the basement-dwelling blogger whose mission in life is to trash his films. Plus, Kaufman's "Adaptation" star Nic Cage is back as an actor renowned for taking on high concept experimental films (like... "Season of the Witch?"), while Kevin Kline plays, um, both a famous director and his own brother, who is also, by the way, an animatronic head. And did we mention the whole thing is a musical satire? Hey, Kaufman did write "Being John Malkovich" after all.

So what will Reubens and Banks be doing in the film? Well, Reubens is set to play "an old-school film critic," while Banks, who co-stars in this week's new action film "Man on a Ledge" as well as the upcoming blockbuster "The Hunger Games," will play "a highly-regarded actress making formulaic comedy bombs who is having an affair with Carell’s Frank."

Oh, and about Kate Winslet. While a number of media sources swear up and down on a stack of "Titanic" Blu-rays that she's going to be in the movie, The Hollywood Reporter flatly states that she is definitely not in the film. She's probably too busy just being totally awesome. It's a full time job.

"Frank or Franics" is currently gearing up for a spring shoot. If anyone else cool joins the cast before then, you'll be the first to know.