Greg Kinnear Pays Homage to The Sexiest People on Earth: 'Writers'

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Hollywood spends a lot of time showing off all sorts of supposedly sexy professions, with films about adventurers, soldiers, mercenaries, stuntmen, space rangers, elves, thieves, mobsters and fashonistas regularly competing at the box office.

But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Greg Kinnear is about to star in a new film about the coolest, sexiest and most virile people around: "Writers."

No, we're not biased. Why do you ask?

All joking aside (not that we were actually joking), "Writers" is a brand new indie drama from equally new director Josh Boone, who also wrote the script for this story about a successful novelist (that's Kinnear) trying to navigate the complex web of relationships within his family.

And Kinnear isn't the only A-lister signing up to pay homage to the men and women whose words inspire millions and provide the basic foundation of modern culture; Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Connelly is also on board as Kinnear's wife.

So watch out, everyone else in Hollywood. Because it looks like this time, the writing truly is on the wall.