Cage and Pearce Face Off in 'Seeking Justice' Trailer

[caption id="attachment_107404" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Anchor Bay"]Seeking Justice[/caption]

Oh, Nicolas Cage. Don't you know you're supposed to just walk away if Guy Pearce approaches you with a morally questionable proposition when you're at the hospital?

"Seeking Justice" features the "Ghost Rider" star as a husband torn asunder with anger and grief after his wife (January Jones) is brutally attacked. While fuming in the hospital waiting room, he's approached by a stranger (a bald Pearce) who offers to "take care" of the guy responsible, and for no charge -- except for the fact that he may one day ask for a "favor in return."

No good can ever come of this, right?

We mentioned earlier today in our "Lockout" trailer post that it's always good to see Guy Pearce working, so it makes for an extra special day when we get not one but two new movie trailers featuring the "Memento" star, who looks to be laying on the charismatic menace in "Seeking Justice." Cage once again plays the exasperated husband, which he actually did rather well last year in Joel Schumacher's "Trespass," and January Jones continues her streak of playing the trophy companion of older men (as she did with Liam Neeson in "Unknown" and Kevin Bacon in "X-Men: First Class").

And don't be put off by the direct-to-video-ish title; "Seeking Justice" was directed by Roger Donaldson, who recently directed the terrific -- and similarly generically-titled -- "The Bank Job." Then again, he also directed "Cocktail" and "Species," so ... we'll see.

Check out the trailer below, courtesy of YouTube. "Seeking Justice" opens March 16.