Oscar Asks: What if Movie Posters Were Honest?

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We love movie posters — honestly, our (imaginary) swank loft is decked out in vintage prints — but there's nothing as irritating as watching a movie and discovering that the film is nothing at all like the advertisements promised. And that's especially true of Oscar nominated films; after all, who wants to spend a bunch of money to check out a supposedly great movie only to discover they're watching "Crash?"

And that's why we're so stoked about The Shiznit's new gallery of movie posters, which asks the question, what if 2012's Oscar nominated movie posters told the truth?

Okay, so the posters are (as you might expect) done tongue in cheek. But really, wouldn't everybody be more likely to check out David Cronenberg's rumination on the complicated sex lives of psychoanalysis pioneers Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung if the movie were called "Analyze Dat Ass" instead of "A Dangerous Method?" And rebranding "The Help" as "White People Solve Racism" might have actually lessened the controversy around the film.

So check it out, courtesy of Uproxx — and make sure that this year, you know exactly what you're getting into when you head to the theater.