Elizabeth Banks Goes Out 'On a Ledge' In New Trailer Commentary Track

[caption id="attachment_106711" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Summit"]Elizabeth Banks and Sam Worthington in "Man on a Ledge"[/caption]

We've heard of commentary tracks on DVDs before, but it's not often you get a commentary track for a movie trailer -- and if "Man on a Ledge" turns out to be half as entertaining as the new trailer commentary track from Elizabeth Banks, it's going to be the best damn movie of the year.

We dare you to watch this and not be entertained.

First, some background on "Man on a Ledge" since the actual sound for the trailer is going to be blocked out by Banks making witty comments and you laughing your fool head off: Arriving in theaters tomorrow, "Man on a Ledge" stars "Avatar's" Sam Worthington as a guy who literally stands on a ledge high above New York's bustling streets. When Banks tries to talk him down, though, she discovers there's a lot more than meets the eye -- such as guns, double crosses and a big time heist. All of which pales in comparison to one thing: How manly Ed Harris is.

"Can we just talk about how Ed Harris has aged like a great bottle of wine?" Banks asks. "Into just a super, swanky looking older man that I would still like to tap."

"So what's going to happen?" Banks asks breathlessly. "You just don't know! Is he going to get in off the ledge? Is he going to go over? Is the helicopter going to blow him off? Is that girl going to ever put clothes back on? We don't know what's happening here!

"Man on a Ledge."

You have to check this out, courtesy of  Summit Entertainment and YouTube: