Armie Hammer in the Slammer After Learning Lesson on Possession

[caption id="attachment_48744" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Armie Hammer[/caption]

Seems one of our most industrious hammers (Armie Hammer) was nailed recently for pot possession, and it was dogs that put the bite on him.

TMZ is reporting that the actor known for playing goodie-goodies Clyde Tolson in "J. Edgar" and the Winklevoss twins in "Social Network" was caught red-handed back on November 30th by members of the Texas border patrol and their drug-sniffing dog.

Coincidentally, rapper Snoop Dogg had the hammer brought down on him by the very same dogs in the very same small border town, Sierra Blanca, as did chronic Mary Jane aficionado Willie Nelson. "Fool me once shame on… dude, how's the rest of that go? *toke*"

The 5-0 totally snatched Hammer's stash of 3 medicinal pot cookies and 1 brownie, which doesn't exactly make him "Scarface," in fact that's just a couple Ritz Crackers and a piece of ham away from a Lunchable. Still, the actor had to spend a day in the pokey, presumably biding his time watching the "Mirror Mirror" trailer over and over again on his iPhone while he was still high enough to appreciate it.

He was finally released on $1000 dollars bond and managed to keep the incident out of the media until recently. We'd like to think that Hammer was simply researching his upcoming role as the title ex-Texas lawman in "The Lone Ranger" with some first hand experience on how them fellas operate. Mission accomplished, Armie!