'Brake' Trailer Moves Full Speed Ahead

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No, it's not another sequel to "Drive." The new claustrophobic thriller, "Brake," follows the story of a secret service agent (played by Stephen Dorff—awesome, right?!) who awakens "in total darkness" to find himself trapped in the trunk of a car, with no means of escape, and a timer counting down to something that can't be good.

Now, before you decide that this is just a cheap "Buried" knockoff, let us tell you… it's not. No, seriously, it's not. This is no wooden box underground Dorff is trapped in. (It seems to be made of glass, for starters.)

In any case, this is some super-sophisticated, and creative, government weaponry—or terrorist weaponry, depending whose side you're on. In fact, when the timer hits zero, something very unexpected happens and we discover that Dorff may not be the only government employee who's in danger.

But don't take our word for it. Check out the trailer for yourself, courtesy of Total Film, to see just how different "man trapped in a small room" movies can be. We were on the fence too until the extremely pissed off bees (we think they're bees) made their cameo. Then we knew this movie was moving forward, full speed ahead.