'The Artist' Dog Star Uggie Is Retiring From Showbiz

[caption id="attachment_105414" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Uggie the dog attends the 2012 Golden Globes[/caption]

But Uggie, we were just starting to get acquainted!

The scene-stealing (and probably complete movie-stealing) canine from what's probably going to be this year's Oscar winner for Best Picture will soon be calling it quits on treading the boards, according to Fash Track.

The ten-year-old Jack Russell terrier will make an appearance at the Golden Collars Awards on Feb. 13 and will probably inevitably make an appearance at the Oscars on Feb. 26 -- and after that, he's retiring from show business, according to his trainers, Omar Von Muller and Sarah Clifford.

"We don't force our dogs to do this," Clifford says. "And it always has to be fun for them. Uggie's still enjoying it but he's getting up there and he's slowing down a little. He's at the stage where he just says, "I think I want to go and lay in the sun by the pool.'"

Well, if any Hollywood star deserves a retirement that involves laying in the sun by a pool, it's Uggie. And there's something to be said about getting out once you've hit it big (hey, Jay-Z did it ... sort of).

Uggie's still got a couple of gigs before hitting the pool, though. He's up for two Golden Collars awards for his performances in "Water For Elephants" and "The Artist" and will most certainly be up on stage like he was at the Golden Globes when the latter wins the Oscar for Best Picture (can you tell we're gunning for that one?).