Take Home Justin Timberlake With Our 'In Time' DVD Giveaway

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Hard to believe, but it's now been more than 14 years since Justin Timberlake first hit the Billboard charts and became an international superstar. Yet somehow, JT hasn't just managed to reinvent himself as an A-list Hollywood leading man, he actually seems to be just as young and fresh-faced as ever.

How is this possible?

Here's how: The guy is immortal — and now you can find out all the crazy details, as we're giving three lucky winners free copies of the new "In Time" DVD, available in stores on Jan. 31.

Okay, so just to avoid any confusion, we should say that this isn't a documentary but is actually a sci-fi epic that tells the story of a future world where technology has allowed people to live forever — assuming they're rich enough to afford it. Timberlake, as it happens, plays a guy who comes into a fortune right at the same time he's implicated for murder. So will he turn out to be the shortest lived immortal ever? And just what does co-star Amanda Seyfried have to do with anything?

Good questions. And you know how you can get the answers? By answering our sweet new "In Time" giveaway. No, we can't make you immortal, but we can ensure that three of you will be able to watch "In Time" on DVD any time you want for the rest of your life.

It's free. It's awesome. And it features Justin Timberlake, looking just as young and hot as ever. Some things, it turns out, are truly timeless.

To enter, just shoot us an email at NextMovie@MTV.com and include your name, address, birthdate and be sure to copy and paste the following statement:

"By sending this email, I accept and agree to: (1) the Official Rules of the 'In Time' DVD Giveaway and (2) MTV Networks’, a division of Viacom International Inc., Nextmovie.com Terms of Use and Privacy Policy."

The contest runs from now until 2 p.m. ET on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012. Entrants must be at least 13 years old and reside in the U.S. Click here for complete rules and further details.

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