YAAAAAAAY: 'The World’s End' Is Approaching

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Nowadays in Movieland the magic word is "trilogy." Getting one thing made is great, congrats, but THREE movies means you can infinitely repackage it, box sets, marathon showings on TBS, and each successive part pays off dividends since the prior entries were just one long commercial for the new chapter.

Whether they're "The Chronicles of Narnia" or the "Pusher" trilogy they always leave us wanting more, which is precisely why we're so excited that the funniest, loosest series going right now is about to complete its holy trinity: Three Flavours Cornetto.

Starting with "Shaun of the Dead" and continuing into "Hot Fuzz," this continuum (also known as the "Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy") has only three things in common:

1) They all star the UK's answer to "Laurel & Hardy," Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, are written by Pegg and Edgar Wright, and directed by Wright.

2) They all feature a different flavor of Cornetto Ice Cream (red strawberry, blue Classic).

3) They each subversively riff on a different movie genre (zombie, action).

Finally, after over 4-years of waiting, Wright and Pegg have finally started the writing process on part 3, and we have the Twitter pic to prove it. The "Scott Pilgrim" helmer posted the photo, which just features the dynamic duo and their ambiguous title "The World's End." As to the genre (Sci-fi? Disaster? Post-apocalyptic?), we haven't a clue, but we do know the ice cream will be green mint chocolate chip.

"Hard at work" indeed…