Even Liam Neeson Doesn't Know WTF Happens in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

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For the last couple of years, the plot of "The Dark Knight Rises" has been one of the most closely guarded secrets in Hollywood, with writer/director Christopher Nolan going to extreme lengths to make sure John Q. Public doesn't get spoiled before the film hits theaters in July. So just how serious is Nolan about keeping "The Dark Knight Rises" a secret?

Even Liam Neeson doesn't know what happens in the movie — and he's in it!

It sounds hard to believe, but Neeson has revealed in a new interview with ShowbizSpy that he has no idea what happens in "The Dark Knight Rises" even though he has already filmed his role as Ra's al Ghul, the villain who kicked off the franchise back in 2005's "Batman Begins."

"I can tell you nothing about Dark Knight Rises, seriously," Neeson said. "I was on set for maybe an hour-and-a-half and the director didn't tell me anything of what it's about. So, I'm being very honest when I say I have no idea what’s going to happen."

We've heard about secrecy on movie sets before, but keeping the stars of the movie in the dark about their own roles? Now that's dedication!