Send Some Oscar Love (or Hate) with an E-Card

[caption id="attachment_106877" align="alignleft" width="300" caption=""]The Artist E-card[/caption]

When you feel a certain way about the Oscars (and how they affect your everyday life), why not express it in an E-card?

Today's official announcement of the 2012 Oscar nominations saw an increase in movie-themed E-cards being sent across the Internet -- particularly rather timely ones that express a wish for a loved one to be as silent as the actors in "The Artist" and the consequences that could result in not voicing disappointment over "Bridesmaids" not receiving a Best Picture nomination.

Today's "Most Sent" E-cards also serve as a trip down Oscar memory lane, with a few referencing past nominees such as "Black Swan," "There Will Be Blood" and even "Tropic Thunder" (that was nominated Best Picture, right?).

As for us, we're going to go look for one that comments on how Oscar hates "Harry Potter" -- and if it doesn't exist, we'll make one.

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