Liam Hemsworth's Talent Is 'Timeless'

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Liam Hemsworth is having some kind of year already, what with "The Hunger Games" set to crush the box office in March and "The Expendables 2" on target to destroy the competition in August. In fact, the year is going so well that Hemsworth has apparently come up with a plan to make sure he can enjoy it forever: Build a time machine.

According to Moviehole,  Hemsworth has just signed on play the lead role in the upcoming romantic time travel drama "Timeless."

Of course, time traveling romances haven't fared to well at the box office in recent years, with both "The Time Traveler's Wife" and "The Fountain" failing to excite viewers. But this time around (no pun intended) things are looking a little better thanks to both the presence of up-and-coming young star Hemsworth and action director Phillip Noyce, who turned out 2010's criminally overlooked Angelina Jolie gem "Salt."

Here's the premise: Hemsworth plays "a young man who, haunted by unresolved issues between himself and his late wife, uses the money his wife left him to build a time-travel device so he can see her a final time."

Hopefully some of those unresolved issues include things like saving the Titanic, warning Wall Street about the collapse of 2008 and preventing World War II, but if not, at least we'll get to see Hemsworth in a cool romance, which is nearly as good as saving humanity through benevolent time travel.

No word yet on who will be playing said wife, but hey. When you have a time machine, there's no need to rush these things, is there?

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