'Rango' Returning to the Big Screen Thanks to Oscar

[caption id="attachment_36831" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Paramount"]Rango[/caption]

Now that "Rango" is officially an Oscar-nominated movie, it's time to bring it back to the theaters. Right? Right.

Paramount announced today that the Best Animated Feature nominee is heading back to the big screen for one week starting this Friday at the ArcLight Hollywood in order to rake in more cash celebrate its big honor.

"Rango,"  which boasts voiceover talent from Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin and a slew of other heavy-hitters, was originally released in March 2011. With an estimated production budget of $135 million, it somewhat under-performed in the domestic box office, coming in at around $123.5 million after 18 weeks. Worldwide, the film made more than $230 million.

In other words, it wasn't exactly "Pirates"-level successful, which is what director Gore Verbinski and Depp are used to with their collaborations. Nothing like a little awards buzz to stir things up, though.

"Rango" tells the story of, well, Rango, a former pet chameleon who finds himself put in charge of a small town called Dirt after his owners inadvertently leave him stranded in the Mojave Desert. The film enjoyed positive critical reception and was chosen Best Animated Feature by the National Board of Review and at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards. It was also nominated for a Golden Globe, and for it, Johnny Depp snagged the People's Choice Award for Favorite Animated Movie Voice.

The film was Verbinski's first time working on an animated film project, and it was shot using live action techniques. He and Depp will be collaborating again soon for "The Lone Ranger," which begins filming in Feb.

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