'The Hunger Games' Oscars Pedigree: By the Numbers

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Yesterday, Jennifer Lawrence took the podium – tough Katniss on The Capitol interview stage-style - to perform the 2012 Academy Award nominations reading, but that's just a drop in the bucket when it comes to "The Hunger Games" Oscar connections.

In fact, between the cast and filmmakers, we counted more than two dozen Oscar nominations and quite a few wins. Who knew these gamekeepers, so to speak, were so accomplished?!

This list should tell you just what caliber of talent is involved in "The Hunger Games," both on and off-screen.

Jennifer Lawrence: 1

Katniss herself, Jennifer Lawrence, was one of 2010's Best Actress nominees for her work as Ree in "Winter's Bone," and while she didn't win, she sure turned some heads and clenched her spot on the list of must-watch young actresses early in her career thanks to it.

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Josh Hutcherson: 0

Okay, so our future Peeta, Josh Hutcherson, didn't actually get any Academy Awards nominations, but we felt his part in last year's Best Picture nominee, "The Kids Are All Right" was worth a mention here nonetheless.

Woody Harrelson: 2

He might be a drunken stumbler on-screen as Haymitch for "The Hunger Games," but Woody Harrelson is no slacker on the job. Woody's been nominated by the Academy twice – once in 1997 for his controversial leading role in "The People vs. Larry Flynt" and again in 2010 as supporting actor for "The Messenger." We think he deserved a three-peat this year for "Rampart," but what can ya do?

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Stanley Tucci: 1

He'll be the one conducting interviews in "The Hunger Games" as Caesar Flickerman, but just two years ago it was Stanley Tucci in the spotlight, chatting about his work in "The Lovely Bones," a film which earned him a Best Supporting Actor nomination in 2010.

Gary Ross: 4

One of the most-nominated members of the "Hunger Games" team is director Gary Ross, who's scored a total of four. His screenplay for "Big" earned him a 1989 Best Original Screenplay nomination, as did his script for "Dave" in 1994. He went on to get Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture nominations for "Seabiscuit" in 2004.

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Steven Soderbergh: 3

The second unit director for "The Hunger Games" Steven Soderbergh was nominated in 1990 for Best Original Screenplay for "Sex, Lies, and Videotape," and in 2001 he was nominated for Best Director for both "Erin Brockovich" and "Traffic." He ended up winning out against himself and took the prize home on behalf of "Traffic."

T-Bone Burnett: 2

When it comes to the soundtrack and score, "The Hunger Games" is in very capable hands. T-Bone Burnett was nominated for Best Original Song in 2004 for "Scarlet Tide" from "Cold Mountain," and in 2010 he won the Best Original Song prize for "The Weary Kid" from "Crazy Heart." We're sure he’s gonna knock our socks off again this year.

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Judianna Makovsky: 3

Judianna Makovsky has three Oscar noms for Best Costume Design to her name – in 1998 for "Pleasantville," in 2002 for "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone," and again in 2004 for Gary Ross' "Seabiscuit." Those are three very different films costume-wise, so Makovsky must have great range!

Lon Bender: 3

Supervising sound editor Lon Bender rounds out the Oscar-heavy crew list, having won himself a golden statuette in 1996 for Best Sound Effects in "Braveheart." He went on to receive another nomination in 2007 for "Blood Diamond." Oh, and did we mention he’s nominated this year for "Drive?"

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Ve Neill: 7

Makeup is of utmost importance to "The Hunger Games," so who better to hire in as the department head and designer than Ve Neill herself, three-time Oscar winner and seven-time nominee? Ve Neill won Best Makeup Oscars in 1989 for "Beetlejuice," in 1994 for "Mrs. Doubtfire," and again in 1995 for "Ed Wood." She was also nominated for the same category in 1991 for "Edward Scissorhands," twice again in 1993 for "Batman Returns" and "Hoffa," then in 2004 for "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," and once more for "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End" in 2008. Needless to say, Neill's resume speaks for itself.

Tom Stern: 1

Deeper into the crew is Tom Stern, Director of Photography, who has also been nominated for an Oscar. In 2009, his work in "Changeling" earned him a nod for Best Achievement in Cinematography.

Stephen Mirrione & Juliette Welfling: 3

Editing for "The Hunger Games" rests in the hands of dual Academy Award nominees Stephen Mirrione and Juliette Welfling. Mirrione got his first nod and win in 2001 for his work on Steven Sodebergh's "Traffic." He received a second nomination in 2009 for "Babel." Juliette Welfling, meanwhile, got a 2008 Best Achievement in Film Editing nomination for her work on "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly."


So, tributes, did you know of all these Oscars connections to "The Hunger Games"? Does it make you more confident in what the filmmakers are doing with it? Hit the comments below and share your thoughts on the list!

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