Anna Kendrick and Bryan Cranston Are Gainfully Employed in 'Get a Job'

[caption id="attachment_49370" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Anna Kendrick[/caption]

Turns out a whole slew of talent are updating their resumes in the hopes of being able to "Get a Job."

According to Variety, the CBS Films project from "Roger Dodger" director Dylan Kidd has yet to be greenlit, but is either in talks with or attaching actors the likes of "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston and "50/50" darling Anna Kendrick.

The company snagged the Black List script by Kyle Pennekamp and Scott Turpel in 2009, which "follows a college graduate and his friends who have to lower their expectations about life as they enter the real world during a recession." Hmm, sounds timely, or as timely as a four-year economic slump can be.

Cranston and Kendrick aren't the only applicants for this "Job," as "Footloose" up-and-comer Miles Teller is up for one of the leads, along with Christopher "McLovin" Mintz-Plasse ("Kick-Ass") and "SNL" cast member Jay Pharaoh in supporting parts and Kidd's "Dodger" star Jesse Eisenberg doing his old pal a solid in a cameo role.

Kidd's last feature directorial effort was eight years ago on the Laura Linney starrer "P.S.," for which the box office wrote a letter saying, "p.s.- better luck next time." Newly freed from director jail and sporting an exciting cast, hopefully Kidd can create a "Graduate"-esque, honest look at post-collegiate disappointment… otherwise he might just get a pink slip.

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