Emma Roberts & Craig Roberts Investigate a 'Family Secret'

[caption id="attachment_53242" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Emma Roberts[/caption]

We don't want to get too "Who Do You Think you Are?" on y'all, but according to Deadline, Emma Roberts and "Submarine's" Craig Roberts have both just signed on to the upcoming drama "I Am My Family Secret."


Okay, actually, it is a coincidence, because as far as anybody knows, the two young stars aren't actually related (sorry, Hollywood genealogy buffs). But now they're going to be linked in a professional sense at least, as Emma Roberts reunites with her "Lymelife" director Derick Martini for what is described as a film about "two brothers, wildly different, who discover their parents have been hiding a startling and life-altering secret from them for over two decades."

Of course, we're pretty sure Emma won't be playing one of those brothers, but we have the perfect idea for who should play the parents: Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts.

Hey, if you've got a good theme going, why knock it?

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