Jennifer Lawrence Brings It for the Oscar Noms

In the wee hours of the morning, we finally got that highly anticipated list of this year's Academy Award nominations, but whatever. What we were really excited about was who announced it.

Our favorite "Hunger Games" starlet Jennifer Lawrence — who just so happened to have her own name called out on a frigid morning this time a year ago for "Winter's Bone" — was the one plucked to deliver. And she did honorably.

Considering how uncomfortable she claimed to be during last year's awards season, she sure seemed jovial taking the stage today. Guess all that time spent in the spotlight of Panem for "The Hunger Games" really paid off, right?

She showed great poise, diction and even an impressive French accent! Not to mention the fact that she looked pretty snazzy in her knit blue Prada top and waist-high pencil skirt. We also love that she's still rocking the Katniss brown locks.

Sure, the Academy's decision to select Lawrence for today's job was based on her own recent Oscar nomination and merits, but we like to think it also shows that they are secretly just as psyched as we are about "The Hunger Games."

Shortly afterward, Lawrence spoke with E! News about her time at the podium and admitted to being more nervous today than she was last year, when she was listening for her own name to be called out. She also revealed that she'll not be attending this year's Academy Awards and instead will spend that night hanging with her best friend, chowing down some pasta and screeching at the TV set.

Pity. We sure would've loved seeing her all glammed up for it again.