'Cosmopolis' Crowned Champ of the MTV Movie Brawl

[caption id="attachment_106575" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Alfama Pictures"]Cosmopolis[/caption]

The final buzzer has sounded and Robert Pattinson is the last man standing as "Cosmopolis" has been crowned the champion of the MTV Movie Brawl.

The masses have spoken, and David Cronenberg's NYC-set thriller starring RPattz as a billionaire having a very bad day is the most anticipated movie of 2012. That's right -- Pattinson took on "The Hunger Games" and won, defeated the combined superhero might of "The Avengers" and broke the Bat of "The Dark Knight Rises." Heck, he even knocked out himself in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2!"

Check out all the details of this Cinderella story at MTV News and start counting down the days until "Cosmopolis" hits theaters, which will be ... well, sometime in 2012.