'Darling Companion' Trailer Is a Must-See For Dog Lovers

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Every week, Hollywood puts out movies about terrible things like genocide, cancer, war and the zombie apocalypse. And that's totally cool, because at this point, seeing a bunch of people get eviscerated by a serial killer is pretty much the highest form of entertainment pop culture can offer.

But there's still one thing we absolutely cannot handle emotionally: Movies about dogs.

Which is why the new trailer for "Darling Companion" may just cause your tear ducts to literally explode.

Here's the deal: While tooling along the highway, Oscar winner Diane Keaton sees a doggie lying on the side of the road. Taking him in, she names him Freeway and all is right with the world — until the moment he vanishes into the primeval forest during a family retreat. Marshaling a horde of fellow Oscar favorites (including Richard Jenkins, Sam Shepard, Dianne Wiest and Kevin Kline), she sets off on a journey to find Freeway — and just perhaps rediscover herself in the process.

Plus, "Darling Companion" is written and directed by multiple Oscar nominee Lawrence Kasdan ("The Accidental Tourist," "The Big Chill"), so you know there's going to be some tears. Check out the trailer, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, and see for yourself why they can blow up the entire planet all they want, as long as they don't hurt our damn dog.