'Blues Brothers' And 'Ghostbusters' Immortalized As 'Garbage Pail Kids'

[caption id="attachment_106316" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Luis Diaz Art"][/caption]

One of the biggest fads of the 1980s were "Garbage Pail Kids" cards, the irrepressible series of naughty parodies from Topps. When the Cabbage Patch Kids people couldn't take a joke and sued them, the party was over, but the legend didn't die.

Becoming highly coveted collectors items, characters like "Explorin' Norman" picking his nose through his brain continued as an underground phenomenon until the gross-out series returned in 2003.

One of the grossest (read: best) artists of homemade 'Garbage Pail Kids' is Luis Diaz, and he's taken a stab at pokin' jabs at Dan Aykroyd with cards featuring the comedian and his two most famous creations, "Ghostbusters" and "The Blue Brothers," which you can see via the artist's Flickr page.

Other past movie parodies by Diaz have included "Pirates of the Caribbean" villain Davy Jones, Ash from "The Evil Dead" series, and Princess Leia covered in snot rockets.

Rest easy, John Belushi, your legacy is secure...