Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and 'Insidious' Director Are 'Conjuring' Something Up

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Hot off the succe$$ of "Insidious" (which was made for practically nothing and grossed nearly $100 million worldwide), star Patrick Wilson and director James Wan are reuniting for the next horror flick, "The Conjuring."

Wilson will reprise his role as one of the increasingly desperate parents in the saga of demonic possession, this time with the doe-eyed Vera Farmiga as his wife. (We gotta say, for the parents of satanic spawn, that is one good-looking couple.)

This go-round, however, the couple is a bit more prepared to face the enemy, being they're professional demonologists and all. Wait, why don't we know any of those? They seem like they've got it all together, until accept a case at a Rhode Island farmhouse—that's when they find themselves in a wee bit over their heads.

Penned by "House of Wax" scribes Chad and Carey Hayes, that the story is based (loosely, we imagine) on the real-life account of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren when they visited the Perron family in the '70s, Total Film reports. OK, so, the '70s was kind of a scary decade for a lot of people, but we're giving this tale the benefit of the doubt. If all goes according to plan, this flick should creep into theaters during 2013, which means we shouldn't have to wait too long to see if Wilson and Farmiga have what it takes to kick some demon to the curb.