Kristen Wiig Is the Dream Girl of 'Walter Mitty'

[caption id="attachment_65052" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Kristen Wiig[/caption]

Going from a "Bridesmaid" to a Dream Girl is definitely moving up in the world ... a fantasy world, anyway.

Kristen Wiig is in talks to join Ben Stiller in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," a long in-development comedy that's finally starting to see the light of day, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Walter Mitty" is a remake of the 1947 comedy starring Danny Kaye and stars Stiller as the title character, a meek magazine photo manager with an overactive imagination who finds himself in a real-life adventure when he embarks on a quest to find a missing negative. Wiig would be playing his co-worker and the girl of his fantasies, who he'll probably get to kiss in the end.

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" has been languishing in development hell for several years, with Jim Carrey (inevitably) once attached to the title role. The project also marks Ben Stiller's first theatrical directing gig since 2008's "Tropic Thunder."

As for Kristen Wiig, "Mitty" marks her first big studio venture since last summer's smash hit, "Bridesmaids." She filmed two indie projects over the summer, "Imogene" and "Revenge of Jolly!," and is part of the ensemble of "Friends With Kids," opening March 9. She's also attached to appear opposite Robert De Niro in Sean Penn's next directorial effort, "The Comedian."

So ... Kristen won't do a "Bridesmaids" sequel but she will do a remake of "Walter Mitty?" Sometimes she seems to be on a definitive career path and sometimes she seems to just be winging it -- though she's probably doing a little of both. Either way, we're happy to join her on her journey.

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" will commence with production in April in New York and -- get this -- Iceland.