Robert Pattinson: The 'Unbound Captive' of Madeleine Stowe?

Hey, we'd change the script if it meant that Robert Pattinson could be in our movie, too.

Madeleine Stowe, who once wallowed in sin with Kevin Costner in Tony Scott's "Revenge" and made Richard Dreyfuss' job harder in "Stakeout," is now closer than ever to making her longtime dream project a reality. "Unbound Captives" is an epic western that Stowe is set to write and direct (maybe she's trying to erase the memory of "Bad Girls?"), and Pattinson was attached to a role when the project was first announced back in 2009. The "Twilight" star might be too old for the role now ... but Stowe might be willing to make some changes to accommodate the years that have gone by.

"The character was conceptualized as an 18-year-old," Stowe acknowledged, but when asked if she would be willing to age up the role so that Pattinson could still take the part, she said with a laugh, "We might. We might just do that. We'll see how it all falls."

We don't see why she wouldn't turn a teenager into a twentysomething for RPattz, seeing as that she apparently fell "deeply in love" with him even before the whole "Twilight" thing started. See for yourself in Madeleine Stowe's interview with MTV News.