Harry Potter Returns... On 'Saturday Night Live'

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When still photos from the epilogue for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2" were first leaked online last year, there was an immediate uproar about the make-up used to age Harry, Ron and Hermione, eventually causing such a fuss that Warner Bros. went back to the drawing board and re-filmed the whole sequence. Now, though, it turns out there was one part of the epilogue they left out of the movie entirely: The part where Harry turns into a giant loser.

Thank goodness for "Saturday Night Live," right?

Yes, Daniel Radcliffe hosted "SNL" last night and as everyone was hoping beyond hope, he did indeed return to the role of "Harry Potter" one last time for a skit showing Harry's life ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts. This time around there was no super-aging makeup needed, though, because it turns out Harry is all about recapturing his lost youth. And he's doing it in a quite non-magical way: By hanging around Hogwarts and telling everyone he can find about how awesome he used to be when he was a student himself.

So is the adult life everything Harry hoped it would be? Check out this clip from NBC and return to the not-so-magical world of "Harry Potter" one last time: