Antonio Banderas May Rule Cuba in 'Castro's Daughter'

[caption id="attachment_104675" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Antonio Banderas[/caption]

Antonio Banderas might be accepting the position of dictator.

The man behind the cat known as "Puss in Boots" is in talks to play Fidel Castro himself in the biopic about the former Cuban president's offspring, "Castro's Daughter," according to Screen Daily.

"Castro's Daughter" tells the true life story of Alina Fernandez, the illegitimate daughter of Castro and Cuban socialite Natalia 'Naty' Revuelta Clews who went on to become an outspoken critic of the Cuban communist regime and even fled Cuba in 1993 disguised as a Spanish tourist.

We have a feeling Banderas will sign on for the project if only because he was suggested for the role by Fernandez herself. "I have been a huge fan of Antonio for years, and hope to see him play my father," she says. "I think he has a phenomenal charisma, and think he has the nerve to play the role perfectly ... I’m very excited that he would consider this."

This would be a great part for Banderas, who's starting to get his edge back after reteaming with Pedro Almodovar for the first time in 20 years for the amazing "The Skin I Live In." He's also part of the ensemble of Steven Soderbergh's classy action flick, "Haywire," opening Jan. 20.

"Castro's Daughter" is being described as a kind of variation on "The King's Speech" as it tells the story of a brave young woman liberating herself from the legacy of her powerful father. The film will be directed by Michael Radford, who hasn't really had a high-profile project since the excellent "Il Postino" way back in 1995.

Production on "Castro's Daughter" will commence later this year in Puerto Rico.

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