Peter Jackson Unveils 'West of Memphis' Trailer

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If you think you've been waiting a long time to see "The Hobbit," you've got nothing on the subjects of Jackson's newest project -- because they waited 18 years to get out of prison. Now they're walking free -- but as the new trailer for the documentary "West of Memphis" shows, freedom truly isn't free for some people.

People like the West Memphis Three.

Convicted of murdering three young children, the case of the West Memphis Three -- Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley Jr. -- became a cause célèbre in the '90s, with numerous music and movie stars throwing their weight behind efforts to bring the case back to trial.

Now, just in time for Sundance, Oscar-nominated director Amy Berg has teamed up with Echols and Jackson (who produced the film) to tell the story of how the men were sent to jail -- and why the state eventually was forced to free them.

"Even though these men have been released from prison -- they are not free," Jackson said recently. "Our hope is that continuing evidence testing and further investigation will lead to the unmasking of the killer of these children and that one day Damien, Jason and Jessie will be exonerated."

Here's the trailer, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter: