Tim Burton, Tim Burton, Tim Burton: Can He Be Summoned for 'Beetlejuice' Sequel?

[caption id="attachment_35115" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Warner Bros."]Beetlejuice[/caption]

Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Just like that, one of the funniest, weirdest movies of the past 30 years is coming back to the big screen. The question is, how do we summon Tim Burton along with it?

Movie Web reports that the director may be ready to start work on "Beetlejuice 2," production of which was confirmed in 2011, with "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter" writer Seth Grahame-Smith and "Awkward" director David Katzenberg co-writing the script.

"Yes. I love that character, and Michael [Keaton] is so great in it," says Burton. "I always think about how great and fun that character was, so I just said to Seth [Grahame-Smith], 'If you have some idea about it, go for it, and then I'll look at it freshly.'"

The director went on to say that he wouldn't be surprised if Michael Keaton was willing to reprise his role as the party ghost, a suspicion Keaton himself has confirmed. At a press junket in 2010, Keaton told reporters of the sequel, "I'd do that in a heartbeat … That's the one thing I'd love to do again."

While the movie is still in the preliminary stages of development, things are looking good for the highly-anticipated sequel. Now what do we chant to get 1988 Alec Baldwin back?

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