The Critics' Choice Movie Awards: Backstage Access

[caption id="attachment_104438" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]George Clooney & Viola Davis[/caption]

The 17th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards wrapped up as dressed-to-the-nines winners and nominees left the Hollywood Palladium for a night of well-deserved celebrating.

If you were watching on VH1, you saw hosts Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel salute films that "do not have Adam Sandler dressed up as woman," including Best Picture winner "The Artist" and other big winners like "The Help" and "The Descendants."

Decidedly less glamorous than the show itself but just as exciting is the press tent where all of the big winners are paraded before an eager group of reporters frantically typing on their laptops. If you follow NextMovie on Twitter, you were fed the most memorable moments backstage as they were happening. Here are a few snippets of what went down after the winners picked up their trophies…

Her arrival was announced as "Best Supporting Actress Octavia Spencer" as "The Help" actress entered the press tent. "I like the sound of that," said Spencer. When asked how the role of the most outspoken maid in "The Help" affected her, she replied, "My life hasn't changed that much. I'm glad that I'm the same old ordinary girl from Montgomery, Alabama." Spencer's character in the movie, Minny Jackson, makes a mean pie stuffed with something not-so-appetizing to serve to a former employer, but those eyeing the desserts in the press tent breathed a sigh of relief when Spencer said, "Honey, I do not cook, so you don't have to worry!"

[caption id="attachment_104452" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Christopher Plummer[/caption]

Next up was Christopher Plummer, who won Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Beginners." "This is the first time I've done this," said the veteran actor. When asked how he felt about his chances for an Oscar, Plummer politely shied away from the question. "I think it's bad luck to talk about [Oscar] nominations. You kind of just roll with the punches."

Spencer, meanwhile, didn't get lost on her way back to the press tent with her "The Help" castmates after they won for Best Acting Ensemble. "We made progress but there is still progress to be made," said Spencer about prejudice in America.

"I hope this encourages Hollywood to keep making films with a cast that looks like this -- a racially diverse cast with a lot of women," added Viola Davis. "That in itself would be progress." When asked if there was any levity on the set given the heavy subject matter, Davis added, "Thank God for moonshine, lemon pie and fried butter on fried bread. We needed an escape from that time period. We had a lot of laughs at night, and we really built an ensemble."

The youngest and most poised winner of the evening was Thomas Horn, who won Best Young Actor for his role in "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close." "It was a blast to work with [Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock]," said Horn. "I'm so lucky."

Horn, who won $31,800 on "Jeopardy!" and "has not spent it," said he is "a normal, boring boy who reads a lot of books, walks and runs around and sleeps a lot." Horn said he is reading a lot of new scripts, but nothing is certain. "I might not necessarily do another movie again and that would be just fine."

[caption id="attachment_104449" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Bridesmaids[/caption]

Meanwhile, the cast and director of "Bridesmaids" were slap-happy about their win for Best Comedy Movie. "I feel fantastic," said Maya Rudolph. "I don't think anyone who is behind me looking at my butt would disagree. It was a great experience and a movie we are all really proud of." When asked about why the actresses got to know each other at a male strip club, Annie Mumulo said, "We thought it would be a good place to break the ice and get people loose. There were lots of themed attire, oils and rubbing."

As soon as Best Actor winner George Clooney entered the tent, he was greeted by a frenzy of flashbulbs. "It's a bad time to talk about my epilepsy," he joked. Clooney then shared a story from "The Descendants" shoot in Hawaii. "Amara [Miller, who plays his youngest daughter] had never been on a set before and came up behind me and smacked me on top of the head. It broke my two front teeth. I had to get crazy glue and glue my teeth in to finish the shot. Alexander made some comment about how I really was from Kentucky."

Viola Davis made her way back to the tent to talk about her Best Actress win for "The Help" even though she was just as ready to go home. "I've been losing everything this year and then they call my name," said Davis. "I had my loser speech ready. I had a glass of champagne to relax my muscles so the smile would come naturally. I was going to go home in my Jacuzzi with my husband."

When asked what roles she would like to play, Davis surprised many. "I've always wanted to be the black woman in a John Ford movie. I wanted to be the heroine with an Afro in a sci-fi movie slaying dragons." Davis said she thought "The Help" would either be "a huge success or a huge failure. I knew the African-American community was not happy with it, but it had a huge fan base. I'm glad I wasn't sitting in the theater saying, 'I wish I made this movie.' I can't [act] in front of a mirror in a bathroom; I do it for the appreciation of an audience, so it means a lot."

Hazanavicius and the cast of "The Artist" struck a chorus line pose to celebrate their Best Picture win. When asked if the movie's George and Peppy are in love, Hazanavicius said, "They are in love in the old Hollywood style -- no kiss, no sex, no baby." He explained that getting a silent film like "The Artist" made was a passion project. "It was not an idea, it was a desire. I had to find the right people who wanted to make that movie and see that movie. I think we made it with our hearts the best that we could. That kind of success is unbelievable and unexpected."

If you're a gambling type, The CCMAs are the most accurate predictor of Academy Award winners that we have, so place your bets on "The Help" and "The Artist" being big winners on Oscar night.