'Survivor' Host Jeff Probst Set to Direct His Second Feature Film

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Hollywood's a tough town. Not everyone survives. But it's safe to say that Jeff Probst is not only keeping his head above water, but is pretty much walking on air.

Who the heck are we talking about you ask? You may not know his name, but you definitely recognize his face: Probst is the perennial host of "Survivor," a gig that has already garnered him four (yes, four) Emmys and set him up to possibly have his own talk show this fall.

Being the go-getter that he is, however, that's not enough to keep him busy—which might be why, a full decade after his 2002 directorial debut, the thriller "Finder's Fee," Probst is gearing up to direct his second feature film.

This time around it's "Kiss Me," a coming-of-age tale penned by Liz Sarnoff (the scribe behind "Deadwood," "Lost" and "Alcatraz" among others.) According to Inside Movies, the story follows a teen named Zoe who struggles with scoliosis and interpersonal dramas.

And while that's a pretty far cry from "Survivor," Probst (who will also produce, of course) has already locked up two of his leads with John Corbett (best known for his role as Aidan on "Sex and the City") and Sarah Bolger (of "The Tudors" fame). In other words, there's nothing this guy can't do.