The New 'Dark Knight Rises' Batsuit: Plenty Of Armor, Still No Nipples

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Forget mousetraps, these days the pinnacle of human invention is building a better Batsuit. You might recall that in "The Dark Knight," Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and his tech buddy Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) had to rejigger the suit so it could withstand the rigors of a severe dog attack. So what do you do when you're facing a villain who can literally break you over his knee?

Why, you break out the heavy armor -- and today, Entertainment Weekly has our first close-up look at the all-new, all-different industrial strength Batsuit.

Suck on that, Bane.

Yes, our pals at EW have outdone themselves with the cover to their next issue, which shows Bale's updated threads. And while there are still no prosthetic nipples anywhere in sight -- sorry, George Clooney! -- there is an impressive array of padding, articulated impact plates and sturdy mesh. We're not sure if it would be enough to stop a rampaging supervillain, but it's clear that this Batman would at least make a great hockey goalie.

Add in a utility belt that appears to be missing only a lightsaber and one thing is for sure: Bale and director Christopher Nolan are going out in true (sartorial) style: