9 Reasons You Should Care About the Golden Globes … Even If You're Not Old

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The 69th annual Golden Globes air live this Sunday night on NBC, and for many of you, that means one thing: Your butt will be glued to the couch at 8:00 p.m.

But if some of America's fresh-faced youth are still wondering what the big deal is, that's cool, too -- because it just so happens that we've compiled a handy list of the reasons you should be watching the Globes. Think you have much awesomer things you could be out doing? You're wrong. So very wrong.

Check it out and see why no matter what your age, the Golden Globes are the coolest awards in Hollywood:

The Drunk Party Vibe

If watching the Oscars is your only awards show experience, well, it's no wonder the thought of another ceremony works better than Ambien on you. But the Golden Globes are about as far from stuffy as can be. Long regarded as Hollywood's biggest party, the Globes feature something sadly missing from the Academy Awards: open liquor containers on each table. Heck, host Ricky Gervais once brought a full glass of beer on stage with him just because he could. Which star will land on the front page thanks to a horrible drunken faux pas? Tune in and see the train wreck for yourself.

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Ricky Gervais: The Most Controversial Host Alive

Speaking of Gervais, pounding back a lager on live national television was just a drop (of Guinness) in the bucket compared to the unholy hell he riled up last year. That's because he decided to adopt full-on carpet bomb mode, trashing everyone and everything in what many industry insiders thought was less comedy and more mean-spirited trash-talking. So naturally he's been brought back for a third stint as host, because if there's one thing Hollywood loves, it's someone taking other stars down a peg or two. We can't wait to see who gets pissed off next.

Superstar Presenters

Gervais isn't the only big name cutting loose at the Golden Globes. There's also an all-star lineup of your favorite superstars on hand to present the awards. And unlike at the Oscars, the presenters at the Golden Globes frequently go way off script to say whatever they (and their Bacardi) feel like saying. Considering this year's presenters include the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Mark Wahlberg, Rob Lowe and Ashton Kutcher, there's seriously no telling what might go down on live television Sunday night.

Young Stars Getting Recognition

While every award show has its share of perennial favorites (hi, Meryl Streep), the Golden Globes nominees this year also include new faces such as 20-year-old Best Supporting Actress nominee Shailene Woodley (remember her from "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"?) and 26-year-old Best Actress nominee Rooney Mara (whom you might recall from "The Social Network"). This infusion of youth makes the Globes anything but rote and fusty.

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Miss Golden Globe

And while we're talking about young stars, some of the most familiar names in Hollywood began their careers as Miss (or more rarely, Mister) Golden Globe. Melanie Griffith, Laura Dern, Freddie Prinze Jr and Rumer Willis all filled the ceremonial position, which goes to the offspring of some big star or other. So will this year's Miss Golden Globe, Andie MacDowell's daughter Rainey Qualley, turn out to be the Next Big Thing? You could see a star being born right in front of your eyes.

Oscar Preview

The Golden Globes may be different from the Oscars in most ways, but for those who still love the Academy, there's still good reason to watch, as winning a Golden Globe often provides major momentum in the Oscars race. While your friends and coworkers are vegging out with "American Dad," you could be getting a big leg up on winning your Oscars pool -- and establishing bragging rights for the next full year. It's the smart move.

Holiday Weekend!

Award shows -- especially mostly unscripted award shows, like the Golden Globes -- have been known to go, you know, just a little long. So normally you might be tempted to turn off the tube and get some sleep before the big test tomorrow. But guess what? It's a holiday weekend! If there's ever a better time to throw your own party, and one that has the added benefit of some soused Hollywood stars in attendance by proxy, we can't think of one. Gather some pals together to watch the Globes ... and sleep in Monday morning as long as you darn well please.

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Movies Stars ... on TV Shows

The Golden Globes don't just honor great performances by movie stars, they also honor great performances by movie stars in TV shows. These days it seems like every top-notch show on TV has a movie star headlining it, which explains why some of this year's nominees in the TV categories include big-screen favorites like Kate Winslet, Steve Buscemi, Jeremy Irons, Zooey Deschanel, Paul Giamatti, Bill Nighy and Laura Linney. Movie stars: They aren't just for the movies any more.

Because You Love Movies

And the best reason of all to tune into the Golden Globes? Well, because, like us, you love movies. What better way to celebrate your favorite films and stars of 2011 than by tuning in to the biggest celebration of the year, and taking a last walk down memory lane before the 2012 film season gets underway? Thanks, Hollywood. It was good times.

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