'Hunger Games' Starlet Heading to Shyamalan's Arena

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Former 'Orphan' and future District 2 Tribute Isabelle Fuhrman is currently in talks for a major role in "After Earth" alongside Will and Jaden Smith. The upcoming sci-fi film, which will be directed by M. Night Shyamalan, is about a father and son who find themselves back on Earth long after it was abandoned by humans.

Fuhrman, who plays Clove in "The Hunger Games," is up for the role of Rayna, a friend of Jaden's character, according to THR. The Smiths' onscreen family is already filled out with Zoe Kravitz as the daughter/sister and Sophie Okenado as the wife/mom.

Details are scarce on the plot besides the father-son duo's rather rude crash landing; Dad's a hero and son's a zero, but roles are reversed on the future Earth. The question is how the other characters come into play if the Smiths' characters are all alone on an abandoned planet.

Filming is slated to start in March, so Fuhrman will be on set when "The Hunger Games" opens on March 23. ("After Earth" will be filmed in Pennsylvania and Utah, and Columbia is aiming for a June 2013 release date). A huge fan of the series herself, she told "Vanity Fair" that she wrote director Gary Ross a letter asking to audition, although initially her eye was set on the role of Katniss. Who could blame her?

Although Fuhrman's character doesn't progress very far in "The Hunger Games," the young actor's own ingenuity is taking her places already.