Gina Carano Trusts No One in Exclusive 'Haywire' TV Spot

There are two sides to Steven Soderbergh. There's his thinky, intellectual "cinema" side ("The Girlfriend Experience," "Che"), and there's his commercial, star-driven movies side (the "Ocean's" films, "Contagion").

His new spy thriller "Haywire" fits into the second category, with two exceptions: 1) It stars a relative unknown in Gina Carano, a former MMA fighter acting in her first lead film role, and 2) as fun as the "Ocean's" movies are, we've never known a Soderbergh movie to look like it kicks this much ass.

Carano plays an operative hired by governments to do their dirty work for them, until she's double-crossed and has to figure out whom she can trust ... and who deserves her wrath. A glittering supporting cast (Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, Michael Douglas and Bill Paxton, to name a few) will be along either to help her or get the hell out of her way. Check out the action in this exclusive TV spot; "Haywire" opens in theaters January 20.