James Franco Is A 'Broken' Man In New Trailer

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When it comes to releasing films, there's usually a certain order of events that goes something like this: First, put out a trailer and then put out the movie. Leave it to James Franco to once again break the mold, though, because the first trailer for his new film "The Broken Tower" has just arrived -- and the movie is already available On Demand.

Why be normal when you can be James Franco instead?

Not that everyone really has the option of being James Franco -- trust us, we've tried -- but there's one person who does: Dead poet Hart Crane, whose tragic life and untimely death -- he committed suicide at the age of 32 -- is the subject of "The Broken Tower." Fittingly, the trailer is full of moody black-and-white shots of Franco pacing, typing and thinking aloud to himself and since the movie was also written by and directed by Franco, you know that one way or another, you're going to be in for an interesting experience to say the least.

Here's the new trailer for "The Broken Tower," which also co-stars Oscar nominee Michael Shannon, courtesy of Focus Features: