Jennifer Lopez Wants to Ride With 'Cocaine Cowboys'?

[caption id="attachment_90373" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Jennifer Lopez[/caption]

J-Lo is looking for a new drug.

There seems to be new movement on the long in-development drug drama, "Cocaine Cowboys," and the "American Idol" judge is apparently campaigning hard for one of the lead roles, according to IndieWire.

"Cocaine Cowboys," which is based on the 2006 documentary of the same name, centers on notorious '70s drug dealer Jon Roberts, who moved from New York, where he was involved in the gangland takeovers of nightclubs, to Miami, where he was set up with a powerful drug cartel. Leonardo DiCaprio and director Peter Berg were previously attached to the project, as was "The Fighter" director David O. Russell.

Mark Wahlberg, who's out and about doing press on "Contraband" but seemingly talking about everything but his new movie that opens on Friday, mentioned that "Cowboys" could begin shooting as early as this summer and that Lopez has her eye on the role of Grisela Blanco, a prominent Miami crime family matriarch.

"It's one of those characters that will go down in history. Jennifer Lopez is chasing that [role] like crazy," Wahlberg revealed on the "Sway in the Morning" Sirius radio show. "It's the role --  if I could play Griselda, I would. That's Academy Award [bait] right there."

We'd love to see J-Lo in this part. People seem to have forgotten that she's actually a damn fine actress, as she proved in "Out of Sight" and "Selena." She was pretty good as the crazy femme fatale in Oliver Stone's "U-Turn," too. She deserves a comeback (a real comeback), and this might be just the part with which to kickstart it.

We'll have to see if it all comes together as quickly as Mark Wahlberg seems to think it will. Meanwhile, his latest flick, "Contraband," opens Jan. 13.