Elizabeth Banks Nerds Out Over 'The Hunger Games'

[caption id="attachment_103657" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="MTV"]Elizabeth Banks[/caption]

We had a feeling that Elizabeth Banks was a "Hunger Games" fan.

Elizabeth plays Effie Trinket, the flamboyant escort of the District 12 tributes, and admits that she's "nerding out" over the whole "Hunger Games" experience. She's especially excited about the painstaking detail that went into making the world of "The Hunger Games" come to life, from the grandest piece of production design all the way down to ... Effie's eyelashes.

Yes, Elizabeth describes a bit of makeup design that will probably inspire a lot of frame-by-frame scrutiny once the Blu-ray comes out. Find out more District details in her interview at MTV.

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