Long-Rumored 'Star Wars' TV Show Will Slum It in the 'Underworld'

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The "Star Wars" TV show George Lucas promised us a long time ago is still far, far away from production. There are supposedly 50 scripts all written up and ready to go, but committing to do all those shows with ambitious special effects at $5-million bucks a pop is still a hefty proposition, even for the deep pockets at Lucasfilm.

IGN got to sit down with prequel producer Rick McCallum, doing press for Lucas' excellent World War II aerial combat movie "Red Tails," and he dropped a small nugget of new info, namely the title: "Star Wars: Underworld."

"They take place between "Episode III" and "Episode IV," that period when Luke is growing up," said McCallum. "It's not about Luke, but it's about that period when the Empire is really trying to take things… it's called "Underworld," that's a working title. It's underneath what's going on. It's the criminals and the gangs running things. Like Wall Street, the guys running the United States! (laughs)"

Sounds like a sure-thing hit, right? "Star Wars" meets "The Wire," yeah, we'd watch that, just so long as it wasn't trying to get all educational on us ala "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles." Aside from that canceled series, Lucas has also had a rocky road bringing the "Star Wars" universe to television, with past efforts like the two "Ewok" TV movies, half-baked animated dud "Droids," and the infamous "Star Wars Holiday Special" that failed to make us observe Life Day, despite Jefferson Starship's best efforts.

However, Cartoon Network's "Clone Wars" series is at 80 episodes and counting, and with the brand continuing to grow there's no telling how big a live-action show could be.

"They'll only get better, the scripts, but it's really a budget thing," added McCallum. "How do we get costs down to a price that commiserate? This is really tough, because we're trying to do in an hour the same amount of effects and technology that a 2-hour movie would have every week."

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