What 2012 Has in Store for 'The Twilight Saga' Cast

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I'm over a week late, but Happy New Year, Twi-hards. I hope you all had a great time covering yourselves in glitter and playing pin-the-tail on the R.Pattz, or whatever it is you choose to do on New Year's Eve.

Last year during this time, I urged you to make the resolution to watch more "Twilight" because "Eclipse" was only No. 4 in the 2010 box office numbers. Sadly, you didn't listen to me. "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" came in fifth in 2011, behind even "Kung Fu Panda 2." C'mon, people! That's just sad. Resolve right now to make "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" top the 2012 box office numbers, like the last installment of "Harry Potter" did this year. We can't lose to those Pot-heads ... again.

Enough with the browbeating, it's time to look ahead at an exciting year for "The Twilight Saga" cast. Not only will they be completing the best movie franchise of all time, but they'll be flying out on their own with new, more adult projects. Here's  a look into their future.

Kristen Stewart

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2012 is shaping up to be KStew's biggest year yet. In addition to saying goodbye to the character that made her a superstar, she is starring in the summer fantasy blockbuster "Snow White and the Huntsman." Also featuring Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen and Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, the story is a darker twist on the classic fairy tale in which Snow White seems more like Joan of Arc than a fair maiden. Let's just hope it's better than last year's "Red Riding Hood." It couldn't be worse.

On the other side of the movie spectrum, Stewart is also appearing in the relatively shoestring budgeted "On the Road." I know I wrote about this film in last year's preview, but it actually seems like it's coming this year. Principal photography wrapped in 2010, so they've been in post over a year. Here's hoping the Jack Kerouac classic will finally see the silver screen in 2012.

Robert Pattinson

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R.Pattz showed up at 2011's Comic-Con with f---ed up hair and caused hundreds of Twi-hard teens to experience minor heart palpitations. "Has our only reason for living gone crazy?" they wondered. Their worries eased when they found out it's only a haircut for his character in this year's "Cosmopolis," a film based on prolific writer Don DeLillo's 13th novel. It's being directed by dark genius David Cronenberg ("A History of Violence," "Eastern Promises"), so Pattinson may finally have a shot at winning critics over with his serious side.

In March, we'll finally get to see the long-promised movie "Bel Ami." From the trailer, it seems like a Victorian period piece oin which Pattinson gets to make love to Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas. I can't wait.

Taylor Lautner

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After the bomb known as "Abduction" dropped and sent Lautner's camp scurrying for the bunkers, he and his team seem to be keeping things on the DL this year. Other than "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," Lautner doesn't have any movies coming out in 2012. However, looking further on the horizon, he is planning a comeback in 2013 with the fantasy film "Incarceron," alongside actress Kavinda Dissanayake. Lautner is also rumored to star alongside Dwayne Johnson in the action film "Goliath" next year. Do you think he'll play The Rock's son?

Peter Facinelli

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The veteran actor and Cullen father is making his big screenwriting debut with "Loosies," opening this week. Facinelli also stars in the independent movie about a New York pickpocket who has a run of bad luck, including a former one-night stand (Jamie Alexander) telling him she's pregnant  and a cop (Michael Madsen) having a vendetta against him. Look for Facinelli also to revive my all-time favorite character of his, Dr. Cooper, in season 4 of Showtime's dark sitcom "Nurse Jackie" this year.

Jackson Rathbone

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Like his character Jasper Hale, Rathbone's projects outside of "Twilight" are an enigma. "Zombie Hamlet" and "DaZ: Vol. Too – NonSeNse" are supposed to be released this year, but they were also supposed to be released last year. The indie "Live at the Foxes Den" looks promising, but there isn't much information available. Finally, "Cowgirls n' Angels," in which Jackson plays a rodeo rider (but not a cowgirl), looks closest to completion.

Ashley Greene

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Lesbian kiss! That is what Greene will be known for in 2012: her Lesbian Kiss Scene with Christina Ricci in the ABC's "Pan Am." Unfortunately, the show may be cancelled soon owing to low ratings, but it'll be infamous for that. Greene also appears in the movies "LOL," "Butter" and "The Apparition," but I'm sure we'll forget about those the way we did "Skateland" and "A Warrior's Heart."

Kellan Lutz

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The big man is going funny this year in two comedies, "Syrup" and "Bumped," which got "bumped" from 2011 to 2012. Lutz is also doing the voice of anime hero Carson Stone in "Guardians of Luna." If all works out, there'll be a TV series by the same name.

Dakota Fanning

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2011 was sleepy for Dakota, but she's overcompensating for that in 2012. Sometime this summer, we'll see her playing a girl who wants to lose her virginity before dying of leukemia in "Now Is Good." She's starring in the bound-for-indie darling "The Motel Life," alongside Emile Hirsch and Stephen Dorff, and plays the teenage bride of Victorian art critic John Ruskin in the Emma Thompson-penned movie "Effie." I'm most excited to read that Dakota is attached to "Furious Angel," which sounds like the sequel to "The Professional," but that's not likely to happen until 2013.

Anna Kendrick

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Kendrick seems to have gone insane with the number of movies she's completed for 2012: "Pitch Perfect," "End of Watch," "What to Expect When You're Expecting," "Rapturepalooza," "ParaNorman," "The Company You Keep" and "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." We're either seriously going to love her this year or get really tired of her. I'm betting on the former.

Nikki Reed

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Outside of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," Reed only has one movie slated for release in 2012, "Downer's Grove," but it has potential. It's a high school thriller written by famous edgy novelist Bret Easton Ellis ("American Psycho") that costars Hayden Panettiere and Lucy Hale. I feel like "Downer's Grove" may rewrite the teen thriller genre or bomb horribly, but nothing in between.

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