Jim Carrey's God Complex Returns for 'Bruce Almighty' Sequel

[caption id="attachment_57215" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Jim Carrey[/caption]

Jim Carrey has spent plenty of time playing God in the past decade in the fight against vaccines with now ex-girlfriend Jenny McCarthy, but it seems like he's finally ready to keep the God complex where it belongs: on screen.

Slash Film reports that screenwriters Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel are penning a sequel to 2003 hit "Bruce Almighty," featuring Carrey in the lead role

In the first film, which took in nearly $500 million worldwide despite mixed reviews from critics, Carrey played down-on-his luck TV reporter Bruce Nolan whose protestations about the way God (Morgan Freeman) does business earn him a temporary stint as the big man himself.

Steve Carrell, who played Carrey's work nemesis, Evan Baxter, in the original movie, was given the lead in the dismally performing 2007 pseudo-sequel, "Evan Almighty," in which Morgan Freeman reprised his role as God.

While Carrey's participation in the film has not yet been confirmed, Universal is definitely hoping to bring his star power back to the series. As for who will helm the project, you can probably count out Tom Shadyac, director of both the first two films in the "Almighty" series.

After a devastating concussion, Shadyac gave up much of his money, quit the Hollywood game, an opened a homeless shelter in his home state of Virginia in an attempt to "stop the hypocrisy" in his life.

So which director will keep Carrey in check in the new film? God only knows.