Melissa McCarthy Is Anti-'Bridesmaids' Sequel Without Kristen Wiig

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Yo, Kristen, Melissa's got your back.

As Hollywood rumbles with the question "will they or won't they" make a "Bridesmaids" sequel, Melissa McCarthy shows some serious support for her fellow star Kristen Wiig, who helped pen the mega-hit.

Though Universal is reportedly considering going full speed ahead with a sequel even if Wiig isn't on board, McCarthy says she won't show up unless Wiig does.

"God, I wouldn't want to," McCarthy told E! Online. "I would never want to. I think it's a terrible idea."

She continues, "I don't [know] anything about it. But I know that nobody wants to do it unless it's great. If it is, I will show up wherever those ladies are."

But why on earth wouldn't Wiig want to make a sequel to the year's biggest hit that effectively turned her from an "Saturday Night Live" player to a bona fide movie star? Apparently she and her co-writer Annie Mumulo aren't planning a sequel right now because they "are writing something else."

Oh, OK. Guess they must think the new script is going to be pretty good too.