Eva Mendes Tries to Raise a 'Girl in Progress' in Trailer

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It's been a quiet couple of years for Eva Mendes but that's about to change thanks to her upcoming new family drama "Girl in Progress" — and we have the brand new trailer right here for you to take a look at.

Welcome back Eva, it's been too long.

Here's the scoop: Co-starring Matthew Modine, "Girl in Progress" follows Mendes as Grace, a single mother working multiple jobs to try and build a better life for her daughter (newcomer Cierra Ramirez). Unable to make ends meet and struggling to balance her personal life (read: her affair with her married boss) with the demands of parenting, though, Grace can only watch as her daughter strikes out on her own into a world of underage drinking and teen sex.

Will Grace end up making the same mistakes her own mother made? Or will this coming-of-age story have a happier ending? Just having Mendes back in a starring role is a pretty darn happy beginning, anyway; courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, here's the full trailer for "Girl in Progress," which is slated to arrive in theaters on April 27.