Clock Is Ticking Down on '24' Start Date

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Jack Bauer himself has confirmed that the "24" movie will finally start rolling in March or April of this year. Kiefer Sutherland, who was most recently seen in the magnificent "Melancholia," revealed the news at a Television Critics Association event for his new show "Touch."

2011 was the year of "24" hints, with countless news stories following the ups and downs of the movie's development as closely as Jack Bauer and his Counter Terrorism Unit worked to thwart terrorists. Of course, there are still plenty of details about the movie that haven't been revealed, although hopefully we won't have to resort to any of Bauer's methods to extract info about the project.

Will the movie follow the same real-time format as the TV show? Is Bauer still going to be pursuing terrorists, and will that be a plot device that's still as effective in 2012 as it was post-9/11? Then again, if the Soviets are still an effective plot device years after the Iron Curtain lifted and the Cold War melted as in "Ghost Protocol," well, we suppose anything can happen.

The most pressing question is whether or not it pick up from where the TV show left off in the eighth season, with Bauer on the bad side of his former CTU team and the government. Also, whether or not they all use their smart phones to actually keep track of time instead of watches.

When the series ended, Sutherland indicated that the movie would follow hot on the heels of the TV show, but that was several script drafts ago. Fox was none too pleased with the script that Billy Ray ("State of Play") turned in, but Mark Bomback was brought on to clean it up.

We'll have to wait to find out what that means for Jack Bauer, and it will probably take a lot longer than 24 hours.