Liam Hemsworth and The Rock Are In An 'Empire State' Of Mind

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Liam Hemsworth is seriously blowing up.

When he introduced himself to audiences alongside his real-life girlfriend Miley Cyrus in "The Last Song," he seemed like a nice enough chap, but not necessarily a movie star, you know? But since then he's landed key roles in both "The Expendables 2" and a little something called "The Hunger Games" — and now, according to Deadline, he's just signed a deal to co-star with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson" in a honest-to-god heist action thriller.


The thriller in question is called "Empire State," and here are the deets: Based on real events, the movie tells the "story of a 1982 NYC armored car company robbery thought at the time to be the largest cash heist in U.S." Originally titled "The Sentry Keep" — yeah, we'd change that title too — "Empire State" is written by Adam Mazer ("Breach") and will be directed by indie auteur Dito Montiel ("The Son of No One").

Whether or not Hemsworth (who is about to sign on to the project officially) and Johnson (who is still in negotiations) will be playing partners or adversaries is still unclear, but either way, one thing is certain: Liam, like big brother Chris, is officially here to stay.

Filming on "Empire State" is set to begin in April for a presumed 2013 release date.

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