Paul Rudd and Kristen Wiig Aim To Prove That 'Freezing People Is Easy'

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Freezing people is easy. Coming up with a great cast for a major motion picture about cryogenics? Now that's hard.

And yet, it looks as though Oscar winning director Errol Morris has done just that, as Deadline is reporting that Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson and Christopher Walken are all close to inking deals to appear in the upcoming film "Freezing People Is Easy."

When they said the iceman cometh, this is probably not what they had in mind.

Here's the background on "Freezing People,"  which is clearly a bit of an odd duck right from the synopsis: Based on Robert Nelson's memoir "We Froze the First Man," it tells the tale of how Nelson and his cohorts created cryogenics in the mid 1960's through trial and error, a process which we're pretty happy we didn't get to see first hand.

Screenwriter Zach Helm ("Stranger Than Fiction"), however, saw the cinematic and comedic possibilities and whipped up a screenplay, which Morris is now set to direct in a bit of a departure for him; up until now, he's worked almost exclusively in documentaries.

If you're going to make your first scripted film, though, you could do a lot worse than having a team like Rudd, Wiig, Wilson and Walken, though. And while none of them are technically signed on yet -- Wiig in particular is up in the air due to being on everybody's want list right now -- the thought of them all riffing on the wacky world of frozen corpses is enough to warm anybody's heart.

No offense intended.