'Ender's Game' Scores One (Un)Lucky Teenager

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"The Hunger Games" may be getting all the press -- and no wonder, because it's totally rad -- but there's another game featuring killer kids battling it out for the fate of their world and today, it's "Ender's Game" making the big score.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming adaptation of the Orson Scott Card sci-fi classic has just signed on  actor Brendan Meyer in the role of endangered teen Stilson. Hey, you know what they say. If you die young, leave a good-looking corpse.

Not to take anything away from Meyer, who must be over the moon at the chance to appear in such a high profile project. After all, while the Canadian actor has gotten some exposure to American audiences recently -- he's currently starring in the Disney XD series "Mr. Young" as a kid genius who returns to high school to teach his own ex-classmates.

That's nothing compared to what will likely be one of the biggest event films of the year when it arrives in 2013, and the fight between Ender (who will be played by "Hugo's" Asa Butterfield) and Stilson at the beginning of the story kicks everything into motion.

Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld, who once was in the running for the lead role in those other "Games," is still in negotiations to join the production.