Is Broadway Ready for 'Flashdance'?

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Or, more importantly, is "Flashdance" ready for Broadway? The stage adaptation of the sexy '80s flick sunk in London, but it's headed to the Great White Way next fall after a considerable makeover.

The movie was directed by Adrian Lyne, who has quite a number of steamy films under his belt, like "Nine ½ Weeks," "Fatal Attraction," "Indecent Proposal" and "Lolita," while the script was written by Thomas Hedley Jr. and Joe Eszterhas, who is responsible for "Basic Instinct" and "Showgirls," among other things. It's rated R all the way, and while the London stage production sounds like it didn't shy away from the more adult aspects of the story, it didn't quite work either.

The producers are rejiggering it so it's less about arc welding and stripping and more about the love story between the two leads, Alex and Nick. The movie was more about Alex (played by Jennifer Beals) and her attempt to get into a professional dance conservatory while supporting herself as a steel welder and dancer. Her affair with Nick (Michael Nouri), whose rich parents own the steel plant where Alex works, is definitely part of the plot, but it sounds like the US version of the play will emphasize the romance over the thornier (and sexier) issues the movie brought up.

Don't worry -- the theater producers won't be touching those awesome off-the-shoulder sweatshirts. (At least, they won't if they know what's good for 'em!) Thankfully, the US production will keep original songs from the movie like "Maniac" and "Flashdance… What a Feeling" intact.

Kick off your Friday with a little "Maniac"-tion below.